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         How to Give The Best Head
Welcome -  This is a free and simple guide that will teach you how to give your man incredible head.
How to Give Head - Introduction

  Hello ladies. My name is Jack. This website has one and only purpose - to teach you girls how to give your boyfriend, husband or lover the best head he ever got. So if you want to get some useful skills - You came to the right place. Only a MAN can teach you how to give really good head, so forget about getting advice from women about it. Why? Well, obviously, we have a dick - and we know what "it" likes best.
When I was 15 I got my first blow job - and it sucked. I guess I just expected too much from it... anyway, after the first one, I literally got thousands of blow jobs, from a few hundred different girls. What can I say - I'm a bit crazy :) So, I'm 34 years old now and I have some experience under my belt about the subject.
I'm not telling you girls this to brag. I don't give a damn if you believe me or not - I'm here to teach you, and nothing will get you better at giving head than an honest opinion from an experienced guy. In those 1000s of blow jobs, there were the one's that SUCKED, then the average one's, and then... there were the few that were SO GOOD that I was literally SHAKING! After I cummed, I felt like heaven, I couldn't walk or talk for half an hour how good it was. I felt like fainting. Those were the girls I could fall in love with...
Yes, we men are assholes sometimes. But understand that sex is important, very important for a good relationship. Yes, I was a pig most of the time and I cheated on most of my girlfriends. And it was hard for me to truly fall in love. Yes I did cheat - but why? Not because I'm a senseless asshole - but because my needs as a man weren't completely fulfilled. Every day I woke up and thought - "There must be a beautiful girl out there that could really satisfy me". Yet most of the time I got disappointed. Most of the girls were just not so good in bed - as if no one was out there to teach them.
So I thought, "Okay, if no one else is going to - then I'll do it, I'll teach those girls how to give the best head" I made it my mission. But how can I get to so many women? The newspaper? Nope - blowjobs are kind of a taboo, and most girls are too shy to ask, so it had to be somewhere safe - where they can learn it from the comfort of their home. Oh yeah - the internet :) So, that's how this website came to life.
I'll write down all my ideas for you girls, all my thoughts and experiences with getting head. I'll teach you how to do it better, much better - this stuff will make your sex life 10 times more exciting - not just for your boyfriend, but for you as well - apply what I'm talking about here, and I guarantee that not only will you give good head - but you'll be a lot happier because of the benefits of being a "blowjob master" :) Men will adore you, women will envy you. ---> Next page.
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Hey girls, since I get a lot of emails from you with a ton different questions about how to give head - I came to the conclusion that this website is not enough, and that most of you girls need more advanced techniques, tips and tricks to get REALLY good at giving head - so I compiled all I know into a  step-by-step guide - uncensored, raw and honest - everything you need to know to give your man the best head is in this guide. Don't forget - you can still ask me anything via email at jacktarzanic@gmail.com Just don't get mad if it takes me a week to answer :) I've been kind of busy lately ;)

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Over 1 Million of you got better at giving your man head by reading my site and book so far. That's great! I already feel the world is becoming a better place. Keep on learning and have fun. I might have something great in store for you soon - you'll love it.



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