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How to Give Head
Welcome -  This is a free and simple guide that will teach you how to give your man incredible head.

The Attitude and Motivation you need for Giving Great Head

Hey girls,
The first article was just a brief introduction. But let's go on, I guess you're eager to learn how to give head. First of all let me tell you that most information on the internet about giving blow jobs is pure bullshit. They're gonna tell you stuff like "put this amount of pressure on the shaft, and that amount of pressure on the balls, twist your tongue 3 times counter clockwise, in an angle of 45 degrees". WTF?! I'm not joking, their advice is almost that retarded. Girls, giving a good blow job is NOT rocketscience. You can do it. It's also not so much about technique as much as it's about attitude and practice.
There was this girl I really liked - she wasn't so good at it, but I taught her how to give head and in just a couple of weeks she went from lousy to incredible! Yes, some girls have talent. But any girl can learn it.  So... Let's get down to business.
Why should you even bother learning this?
Well, there are many advantages. A good blow job is hard to find - so if you are one of the few girls who can do it right, believe me - your man WILL love you, and you will be able to keep him for a much longer time. We men just LOVE getting head - more than anything, hell! Probably even more than football and beer :) This is a skill every girl on earth should have, there would be no wars and no crime. And guys would be more relaxed and satisfied - it would be a happier world for sure. So,
1. Your man will be much happier, and he will appreciate and love you a lot more.
2. And yes, you will be more in control of him. When a woman is giving his man head, she is in total control of him, his pleasure completely depends on her. It is in your power to either give him ultimate pleasure, or ultimate pain by biting of his manhood. In other words - you've got the power!
The attitude for an amazing blow job
Let's talk about one of the most important things when it comes to giving head - attitude. Imagine a guy goes down on you now, but you can see the boredom in his eyes, he's licking your clit with this bored and stupid face, as if he's doing a chore or something like that. He's silent and bored. Are you gonna get turned on like crazy? Probably not. Now imagine a guy that licks you like there's no tomorrow, or as if he loves your "sweet lady" more than anything else on this world. I'm sure as hell that would be much more pleasurable than the first guy, right? Same thing goes for giving head. Guys can also sense when something is genuine, and when it's not. So, obviously, step number one for giving amazing head is - LOVING IT.
Yes, you absolutely have to love that dick as if it was your best friend, your lover, your mother, father and entire family. You have to LOVE the entire package, love it more than life itself. When you start sucking it with the attitude "mmm, I just love sucking this beautiful strong dick" your man will be a MILLION TIMES more turned on than when you're sucking it with an "oh, not again, it smells funny" attitude. Emotions tend to transfer from one person to the other. So if you are appreciating and loving his dick, he will feel more relaxed, loved and satisfied - which will lead him to an incredible orgasm. This is the ultimate turn on for a guy, when he sees in his girl's eyes that she completely LOVES giving him head. It's plain and simple - If you are bored, he will be bored. If you are excited about it, he will also be.
One of the worst blow jobs I got were when girls just start licking it lazily, as if they're not even there, just boring and robotic. I hate it when I see a girl doing that, when I see she's not enjoying it in her eyes I always just tell her to stop, 'cause it's not worth wasting my time. Hell, I broke up with a lot of girls just because they were shit at it, or they didn't want to give head.
Girls... you need to be enthusiastic about this. How? Don't think about it just BE enthusiastic. If you don't love it, then start getting good at it, the better you are and the more you satisfy your man the more you will love it. Giving good head is an art in some way - a learn-able art. So, next time you start sucking your mans dick make sure you are happy and enthusiastic about it... and if you're not - FAKE IT till you make it! Once you get good at it you will naturally enjoy it more yourself.  Also, be confident when you're sucking it, don't get all shy and quiet. You can do it, believe in yourself. If you're not gonna believe in yourself, who will?
You have to understand that giving head is completely OK and natural. Guys love it, and it's accepted in society. It's not bad, nor dirty. If you don't like the smell of it, just be sure your man showers regularly, and make him cut his hair down there so it can be more comfortable for both you and him. Enjoy practicing and don't be afraid to experiment and make mistakes. Practice makes perfect. And STOP being afraid of messing up, you HAVE to mess up a few times till you get good at it. Look at it this way - there is no failure, only learning.
Your man has to feel like a King, you are his Queen and you're giving him the ultimate sexual pleasure - the most amazing blow job on the planet! That is your mission, that is your goal. Suck his dick like there's no tomorrow - and he will love you for it. No, he won't love you, he WILL go CRAZY for you!
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  Hey girls, since I get a lot of emails from you with a ton different questions about how to give head - I came to the conclusion that this website is not enough, and that most of you girls need more advanced techniques, tips and tricks to get REALLY good at giving head - so I compiled all I know into a  step by step guide - uncensored, raw and honest - everything you need to know to give your man the best head is in this guide. Don't forget - you can still ask me anything via email at jacktarzanic@gmail.com Just don't get mad if it takes me a week to answer :) I've been kind of busy lately ;)


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