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How to Give Head
Welcome -  This is a free and simple guide that will teach you how to give your man incredible head.
How to Give Head - Foreplay Tips

Before you give head - make sure you drink some water or juice. The more saliva you have the better the blow job will be. So it's an absolute must that you are well hydrated before you start. You don't want your mouth to get sore in the middle of a blow job, plus you will get tired a lot faster if you don't have enough water in your system.

How your looks impact the quality of a blow job
I know a lot of you girls have issues about your looks, but don't worry about them that much. Attitude is key, everything else is secondary. As I already said earlier - men are visual. Obviously looking good helps, but it's not the most important thing. Remember a winning blow job attitude is 90% and everything else is only 10% of your success at giving great head.But you should do everything you can to improve your looks and therefore give better head.For example - if your breasts are not so big, maybe it will be more interesting for your man if you wear a push-up bra that makes your breasts look bigger.

Also, don't wear granny pants - thongs make us cum a lot more and lot faster (in case you want to finish it up faster). Make sure you wear stuff in matching colors. White teeth are also a big turn on. A study showed that most men prefer black bra's and thongs. Before you start giving him head, look in the mirror and ask yourself: "Do I look like a Porn star? Do I look naughty?"  If the answer is No then you know that you could look better. Don't be afraid to "slut it up" a bit.
Take care of your skin - I'd even recommend you to get a tan if your skin is not attractive. It all depends - some girls have lighter skin and they look attractive - while some girls would look WAY hotter with a darker tan. The more you take care of yourself the better. All you girls that are out of shape - start working out Today! You absolutely HAVE to exercise. The benefits are amazing. Not only will you be more attractive but you will also FEEL much better in your own skin and most importantly you will be tight - and there is nothing hotter than a girl whit a tight body and nice skin.

Everything you can do to improve your looks - do it. But don't stress too much about it - there's nothing more annoying for a man than to hear a woman constantly complaining about how this or that looks bad on her, or how she doesn't look good enough. In other words, always improve yourself but love yourself for who you are. Enough about looks, let's get back to giving head :)

Getting his dick hard
Ok girls, now keep in mind that some guys can't get their dick up just anytime they want to. We are not robots. We also need something to turn us on, I believe most of you already know how to get a guy hard - but here is a golden rule: The hornier you look the hornier HE will get. So, if you look turned on, if you have this "oh God I can't wait to taste your cum" look on your face - you can be sure that he will get hard in a matter of seconds. Try licking and sucking his fingers so he gets a preview of what is in store for his cock. This is a major turn on.
Select a position you s tart from, and slowly start to tease him with your hands. Massage him through his pants or boxers. Start kissing his dick passionately, moan...  then look into his eyes and smile as if you're hungry for cum - yes this is the attitude you need to have for a perfect blow job. While you're kissing his shaft, hold his balls gently in your hand - remember to BE CAREFUL, his balls are very sensitive. Tickle them, be gentle. Another tip is that you hold his dick right above his balls with two fingers, slowly press that place, it is very sensitive and right there you will start feeling his pulse. As it slowly grows, look back up in his eyes and say "Mmmm" as you're saying this and looking into his eyes put your tongue out and lick his shaft from the bottom to the top and back and fort a few times - without braking eye contact.

Keep on experimenting and you will see what your man responds to better. Sooner or later you will figure out what makes him hard faster. Once his dick is standing tall and strong - you're finished with the foreplay, and that is just the beginning. Keep on reading girls and learn how to give incredible head. This was just physical foreplay, MENTAL foreplay is far more powerful and important. If you want to know more about it, you read my book by clicking here. And this is just if you really want him to go nuts. Like, shaking with his eyes popping out of his head ;)

Your blow job instructor, Jack
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 Hey girls, since I get a lot of emails from you with a ton different questions about how to give head - I came to the conclusion that this website is not enough, and that most of you girls need more advanced techniques, tips and tricks to really get good at giving head - so I compiled all I know into a  step by step guide - uncensored, raw and honest - everything you need to know to give your man the best head is in this guide. You can now get the book by clicking here - you could be reading it in 5 minutes. Don't forget - you can still ask me anything via email at jacktarzanic@gmail.com Just don't get mad if it takes me a week to answer :) I've been kind of busy lately ;)


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