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How to Give Head
Welcome -  This is a free and simple guide that will teach you how to give your man incredible head.
How to Deepthroat and Kill Your Gag Reflex

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Deepthroating. This is something a lot of guys absolutely love. It is the hardest part of giving head. for many of you smart women that made the good decision to improve their blow job skills. I know a lot of you girls have problems with this, and it's OK. Some of you don't like it, some of you just don't know how. Those of you that don't like it - don't worry, you CAN give AMAZING head even without it. But it's a BIG plus if you can do it. So why not give it a try? Once more thing - forget about the "I can't". Countless women proved that wrong after some practice, and they LAUGHED about it later.

It is very nice to look at a girl while she's taking your entire shaft into her mouth, and it's also a cool feeling for guys. So how do you do it? First of all the position - you HAVE to be on your knees. This is the optimal and probably the only way to give deepthroat. It's about adjusting your neck,  a bit upwards.

If you're going to deepthroat, make sure you exercise your facial muscles just a little bit. Because it's possible for your jaws to get tired during the blow job (if you are novice, experienced women gave me head for over an hour). Massage your cheeks, open your mouth as much as you can. Just to get your mouth ready. Deepthroating really depends on the size of your partners penis, but practice makes perfect. I'm telling you - I've dated girls with smaller mouths that were 100% convinced that they "can't" and that it's "too big". Yep, sometimes it really is physically impossible - but from my experience, most of the times, it's not.

Make sure you tell your man not to force his cock in your mouth 'cause it will be counter productive. You will start gagging and fighting for air. The key to deepthroating is that you relax your throat as much as possible. This way you will stop the gagging and you will be able to put it in deeper. If your man can't control himself from pushing his shaft deeper then hold or tie his hands.

So, as you're giving head, slowly start putting it in deeper - gradually. You will have to practice. The more you practice the better you will be. It is good if he is just a bit above you when you're kneeling in front of him. Try to push it in the upper part of your jaw and make sure you put your tongue out as much as possible.

By putting your tongue out you will have more space, and therefore you can get it in deeper. You have to focus on breathing - it's very important. Don't try to fight for air, the more your tongue is out the more air you will be able to get in through your mouth! Hold it in as long as you can and then get the shaft out. Be sure to look into his eyes while doing this. And remember the more wet his shaft is the better! It will be easier for you to slide it in and out.

You have to push yourself through it. Some girls have a hard time getting it in deeper, 'cause they think they cant, but they can most of the time. It's just a matter of practice and strong will. Anything is possible. If his dick is smaller, you can try to put it in completely... and if it's bigger and you really can't get it in deeper, then use your hands to help yourself. 

Using your hands while deepthroating - If his dick is bigger, then hold his shaft tight from the bottom, where it starts. Hold it with as many fingers you need to, the less the better. This way you are making his cock visually smaller and therefore you can get the remaining part completely into your mouth. The other thing you can do with your hands is holding the back of his legs or his ass. Or just massaging his legs.

When you're getting it out, make sure you leave your tongue out and make a loud moan, or say "aaah" as you're getting some air, and lick the tip of his head while you are looking directly into his eyes. That's a major turn on. 

So... remember:
- relax your jaw as much as possible
- put your tongue out
- get into a good position (there are a few)
- get his shaft as wet as possible
- use your hands smartly
- practice, practice and practice some more... If you don't have a guy you can practice on, maybe you should consider buying a dildo - Seriously. Many girls told me that they practiced on a dildo with great results... 

Your blow job instructor, Jack

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