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How to Give Head
Welcome -  This is a free and simple guide that will teach you how to give your man incredible head.
How to Give Head - Fun Advice

Hey girls. This article on how to give head will teach you simple and effective fun things you need to do in order to give the most amazing blow jobs on the planet! Remember you have to experiment and practice. Let's go on.

Always watch your man's reactions. You have to understand how he feels at all times and what he likes. This is key. The more you are able to read his body language and reactions the better. Every guy is a bit different, so some guys may like something - while others may hate it. For example, I like if a girl knows how to use her teeth, some guys don't. You have to practice through trial and error until you figure out what your man likes best. Don't be shy to ask your man what he likes and what he doesn't. Just be honest... he will love you for it later anyway, even if you fail, and you can learn how to give better head by just asking: "do you like this, and this, what do you like most?" Etc. The only problem is that most guys either don't know what they really like - or don't know how to explain it. That's where I come into the picture. Try everything from slapping your face with his dick to tickling his balls with your nails... The main reason why you need to look for feedback is to figure out how he FEELS - any girl can give him an "okay" blow job, but it's all about pimping his mind and controlling his feelings. This may sound crazy - but it's just like that. 

Talking dirty
This is a skill you absolutely have to learn. It will maximize your blow job skills. Most men feel like a king when they are getting head, so talk about that. Say stuff like "mmm, I Love sucking your big dick" or "mmm, I know you like it, I'm your little dirty slut". Guys absolutely love it when you act dirty, almost like a Pornstar - it makes them go crazy. So use your language to the maximum and talk dirty to your man while giving head. Make them feel like a king, start sentences with "I am your..." and then anything else. Slave, little bitch, slut etc. Anything that makes him feel as if you are his possession - this REALLY turns on a lot of guys. 

As I already said in the first article - attitude is everything. And if you don't have the attitude of a champion, you WILL NOT give amazing head. So, act like a Pornstar, love it completely... and how do you do that? Well... express yourself, convey how you feel AMAZING while you give him head. Look into his eyes and moan... moan all the time. Moaning is very powerful, it makes him feel wanted and it makes these little vibrations in your mouth that feel really good. Sorry girls, I'll be honest with you - there is nothing more beautiful a woman can tell her man than "Mmmmmm" while she's giving him great head. It is the most beautiful and sexual sound in the Galaxy. You should also try being a little more seductive and naughty.

Role playing
... is really cool. If you know how to act dirty you will learn how to give head fast. Any kind of roleplay is cool, dress up for cleaning the house for example - like a maid. Have some thongs on. Then as he's watching you clean the house start acting dirty, then tell him he has to pay you for cleaning the house - as a payment you accept "cash or cum, whichever he likes more". Believe me, shit like that will make him rock hard. You can be a police officer, or anything. Be creative! Act like a Pornstar. Or tie him up :) Sex toys can make a big difference sometimes. 

Watch Porn
Yes. Watch Porn. See how the professional Pornstars give head and try to copy some of their stuff. They didn't become famous for nothing...

Make it taste Beautiful
You have to be creative if you want to give good head. Experiment! Girls tried everything on me, some things work some things don't. Chocolate cream - yes! Put some cream on his shaft and head. Then lick it, suck it, love it. Strawberries are amazing, you put them on his head and then you put your mouth over it and over his shaft. Then you slowly go back and while holding his shaft in your other hand you enjoy the strawberry with a slow and sexy moan. Ice - feels great. You put a dice of ice in your mouth and then give him head... it's a really interesting feeling. You absolutely have to try it.

It is beautiful for men to watch a happy girl give head. When I see a girl smiling from time to time, giving me that naughty look, as if she's in love with my cock - it's just amazing... Remember to smile whenever you can. It is scientifically proven that people feel better when they see someone else smile - and that is your goal - to give your man the most intense sexual pleasure - ever! Make him Never desire another woman's mouth.

Be adventurous. It's important where you do it. If you give him head in the same place at the same time in the same way - eventually if will get a bit boring. So be sure to experiment and change the location from time to time. It's great to get head in the kitchen. In the shower too. In the car (watch out it may be dangerous!). Recently I even got a blow job in the elevator - now that was interesting! Getting head in public places is also a really powerful experience. There are over 10 great locations and explanations describing how you can manage giving your man head in these places - it's all in my book which you can read here.

Your blow job instructor, Jack

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 Hey girls, since I get a lot of emails from you with a ton different questions about how to give head - I came to the conclusion that this website is not enough, and that most of you girls need more advanced techniques, tips and tricks to really get good at giving head - so I compiled all I know into a  step by step guide - uncensored, raw and honest - everything you need to know to give your man the best head is in this guide. Don't forget - you can still ask me anything via email at jacktarzanic@gmail.com Just don't get mad if it takes me a week to answer :) I've been kind of busy lately ;)


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Warning: This website contains explicit, sexual and adult content - if you are not comfortable with that, feel free to leave anytime.