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How to Give Head
Welcome -  This is a free and simple guide that will teach you how to give your man incredible head.
To Spit or to Swallow - that is the question

Finally - the end game. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of giving head. Everything else you've been doing gets down to this little part.

Your man is slowly getting closer to having an orgasm. You will see him breathing faster, his shaft will be harder and his balls will be tighter - ready to unleash the beast.

At this moment - increase the tempo. Do not, I repeat, do not slow down. Gradually increase the speed you are stroking at, lick, twist, suck. Faster and faster. Look deep into his eyes - he has to see that you really really want his load, you crave it more than anything in the world. This will turn him on even more.

Remember to use powerful dirty talk here, such as "come in my mouth baby" then put your tongue out and lick the tip of his head as you stroke it faster and faster. Now you have a few options. Spit or swallow? In the mouth or on the body? Or somewhere else? I personally love it when a girl takes everything I've got in her mouth, squeezes every last drop out of me, shows me what she's got in her mouth and then naughtily swallows ALL of it. (that's when I feel butterflies in my stomach)

Most men prefer to either come in your mouth, or somewhere on your body. Whichever option you choose depends entirely on you. The best position is kneeling before him, with your head tilted  slightly backwards, looking up in his eyes with your mouth open.

If you Spit (bad girl)
If you choose to let him cum in your mouth (besides making him really happy) you made a great choice.
Open your mouth as you wait for the load and put your tongue out so it barely touches his head as you strongly stroke the shaft and wait for him to cum... then pull his shaft back (so it gets tight) and let him shoot it into your mouth - make sure you are looking him directly into his eyes as he is cumming, moan and smile. He will love you so much he will do anything you want after that. Once he finishes, spit the load in a glass, in the toilet or on a tissue - whichever is closer. Take a sip of water and you're as good as new :) (or better)

If you Swallow (good girl)
You will have to taste it one way or the other if you're letting him come in your mouth. Swallowing his cum makes him feel connected to you on a deeper level - many of my guy friends told me this, that they truly respect more girls that swallow. It just lets him know what you are ready to do for him and how much you actually care. There is an old saying "Bad girls suck, good girls swallow" :) Think about it, what's the worst that can happen? The more saliva you have the less you will feel it and the easier it will sink through your throat. The taste of his cum depends on what he eats. The healthier food the better - fruit makes his cum taste sweeter. Don't enjoy the taste of cum? Read Jack's Blowjob Lessons and it'll be like eating candy ;)

On your body
Make sure you have a wet tissue or something nearby you can use to wipe off his sperm. This option is also completely OK if you don't want to taste his cum, stroke him and suck him 'till he's near orgasm, then just point it towards where you want him to come and let it come... remember to look him directly in the eyes and smile. Try not to fake it, but be genuine about it. I mean, if you can really be happy about it, than he's just not the real guy for you. At least you can use him for practice until the real deal comes along. But once "THAT guy" comes along - you better be ready and not blow your chance.

On your face - the ultimate experience
Every man has a fantasy to orgasm on a beautiful woman's face. It makes us feel dominant and strong somehow, and sexual at the same time. Do everything just like before, just point his shaft towards your face as he orgasms. Let him hold your hair and pull it down, open your mouth wide but be on a distance as if he's trying to shoot it right in your mouth but he misses. This is the ultimate submissiveness that will make your man fall in love with you more than you ever thought possible.

It is very important that you know how to talk dirty during end game. Little words are powerful when you say them at the right moment. Saying things like "cum in my mouth, mmm, please" are incredible. Also remember to massage or tickle his balls. There are some really golden things you can say during end game that can literally get a guy to jump out of his skin from pleasure. God bless these girls, God bless them. for existing. Also - a good end game positions can help heighten his pleasure.

The End of Giving Head
After he cums, kiss his dick passionately and tell him you love it (and him, if you are in that stage of your relationship). It will be the best head he ever got in his life. Just Do it with passion.

Just one more short idea: If you really want to give your man an unforgettable experience - then bring a friend of yours, and give him head together. That would be the ultimate blow job, he would probably go crazy if you swapped his load. Just remember to be open-minded and creative. And never stop learning how to give head - you can ALWAYS get better. One more thing, make sure you are safe - 'cause you never know who you're dealing with and there IS a small chance of getting STD's from giving head - just make sure you know the guy and that his cock is clean.

Check out my step-by-step blowjob guide if you want to learn to give mind-blowing head. Nothing ever like this book has ever been written, it's unique, it's different - and most importantly - IT WORKS. It's so good it's not even funny. All those other girls won't understand how is it  possible that YOU have the best guys and that YOU have a happy and fulfilling relationship. 

Your blow job instructor, Jack

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